3 women laughing

Women’s History Month is celebrated every year in March. This month is dedicated to the reflection and recognition of women, and how their many roles, sacrifices, and achievements have helped create the opportunities available for women in today’s society. Throughout history, women have struggled and overcome many obstacles to reach have far they have come today; and still struggle and face daily challenges and pressures of a modern-day lifestyle.

The 2022 Women’s History Month theme is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” The theme is significant because women have  always been and continue to be an excellent resource for healing as the world is coming out of the recent pandemic. However women from various backgrounds and cultures deserve to have support and resources for healing, hoping and caring for themselves. Resources are essential to help women designate time to take care of themselves physically as well as mentally. Here are some ways to help promote mental health wellness for the women in our lives.

Recognize Stress

Stress is a part of life, but today, women are more susceptible to stress with various responsibilities and societal pressures. Stress can lead to feeling overwhelmed and eventually burnout; however, stress can also be positive, helping women work hard to meet their goals and achievements.  Unhealthy stress can manifest in many ways, such as physical (e.g., headaches, gastric issues), sleep disturbances, anxiety, irritability, and lack of motivation, to name a few.  Creating a balance is vital for women, and this balance can look different for everyone’s life.

Encourage and Support Life Balance

Many women identify as stay-at-home mothers with significant family responsibilities in and outside of the home. Such commitments are fulfilling to these women but can also be challenging and demanding. Many women today have successful careers and choose not to have children. The demands of their jobs can also be challenging. Some women decide to be a mother and have a career. These women can also feel overwhelmed by creating a work/life balance that allows life to flow accordingly. No matter what life decision a woman has chosen, all have various challenges. Taking care of oneself is vitally essential to a woman’s mental health.

Promote Self- Care

Self-care is taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Self-care is setting time aside to take care of yourself in a way that helps you feel replenished and relaxed. As women have progressed throughout history, the demands on their lives have created busier lifestyles and responsibilities. Self-care provides an opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate your mind and soul. Caring for your mental health is giving self-care to yourself and those around you.

Encourage Professional Assistance, When Needed

As a woman living in today’s society, it can help to share feelings and struggles with another person in a safe and supportive environment. If you or someone you know feels the need to talk, counseling can be an excellent resource for guidance and support. Seeking professional assistance can help with life’s stressful challenges, learning new coping skills, providing self-care to yourself, and creating an overall better quality of life.  If additional support or assistance is needed contact SBS Psychological Associates today at 678-205-0838 for help with stress management, self care and achieving and maintaining life balance.