Feeling Lost, Tired, Frustrated, Overwhelmed, Depressed?

Do you have everything you thought you wanted but still feel unhappy? Do you feel frustrated because life seems to be passing you by? Have you lost yourself in the busyness of work, family responsibilities, school, and just everyday life?

Yes, life can be busy and fast-paced, causing you to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. This makes it easy for daily mundane matters to take over so we stop doing the things we enjoy, have difficulty finding time for ourselves, and forget about accomplishing our goals.

A support system of family and friends can help with the stresses of day-to-day life. They help us deal with the daily hassles and pressure of demanding responsibilities, relationships, and work expectations. However, there are times when this system is challenged, and just not enough.

We can help you restore your life if you are just unhappy and dissatisfied for seemingly unknown reasons. We can help you decrease the frustrations of life, and rediscover the joy of everyday living. We can help you reconnect with your sense of self, and reclaim your goals and direction.

It is possible to have all the things that you would like in life, and have the time and energy to enjoy them.

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    Life is rarely simple and straightforward. It is wrought with stress, challenges, and stumbling blocks. That is why at SBS Psychological Associates Inc., we provide a variety of services to meet the struggles of real life.

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    COVID-19 Response

    Now Offering Online Therapy In response to COVID-19, we are now offering online and tele-therapy for all new and returning clients. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment or consultation. Thank you!